Commercial Establishments

Trained security personnel (Male & Female) for protection of industrial and commercial establishments and constant vigil, supervised by day and night checks.

Smart and alert, armed or unarmed guards for banks and commercial establishment for round the clock security Vehicles with armed guards for cash transportation of high value documents.

Cash pickup and delivery to or from concerned banks for clients.

ATM Management Services.

We offer all services related ATMs replenishment machines, cash pick-up and delivery, intra-city and intercity movement of cash and bullion using specially designed cash vans and armed guards.

Retails outlets are constantly on the lookout for superior security mechanisms. Thieves, robbers routinely loot and plunder and exit the store undetected after business hours or during vacations. Also there are situations of employees themselves, who might steal valuable merchandise right under management’s nose. We also understand in depth situations, where thieves posting as customers, distract attention of the sales persons and take away valuables or merchandise.

Commercial Establishments