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Surveillance through CCTV security systems in Chennai

The security of an establishment or residence can be secured through many methods. Statistics prove that installation of CCTV (Closed-circuit television) security systems in Chennai have helped in considerably reducing the risks of offences apart from being able to apprehend culprits after the commission of offences. Installation of CCTV systems has one of two functions – monitor on real time basis or record for future retrieval.Also with CCTV Surveillance, it makes easier to handle the issue in person.

For instance, CCTVs are installed at ATMs for the purpose of recording actions which may require being retrieved at a later stage for the purpose of investigating offences. Whereas, CCTVs that are installed at certain other businesses are monitored on real time basis for instant intervention.

Active and Passive Video Surveillance

As mentioned above, active and passive video surveillance cater to different needs of clients. For an active video surveillance to be effective, mere installation will not suffice, it needs to be constantly monitored. Real time monitoring of feeds from surveillance cameras requires processes and trained manpower. More often than not, such active video surveillance will involve multiple camera locations.

What needs to be understood is that integrating an effective active video surveillance system involves positioning of the video display units in a manner so as to cluster location related feeds. Personnel with keen sense of observation need to be deployed to make sense of the feeds from the cameras. Many agencies offer CCTV security systems in Chennai but not all of the agencies offer services that fulfil the requirements of the clients.

Comprehensive surveillance solutions from Eagle Security Service India

ESSI, with core competency in security services offers comprehensive surveillance solutions, backed by a commitment to quality that has been improved over more than two decades in the domain. A team of highly trained personnel are deployed at various locations for manning integrated CCTV security systems in Chennai. All the personnel are constantly updated on new processes, technology and procedures that are dynamic and change as per requirements. This results in a portfolio of services that has offered consistently qualitative service to all clients.

Clients Benefits

A total commitment to provide you with skilled, competent and experienced staff, suitable to carry out your security requirements.

An intense recruitment and selection program, ensuring that your assignment is covered by the most suitable candidates available to meet your individual needs.

The most cost effective means to suit your requirements and budget without compromising on the quality of the service we are offering you.

  • A total commitment to provide you with skilled, competent and an experienced staff, suitable to carry out your security and housekeeping requirement
  • An intense recruitment and selection program, ensuring that the most suitable candidates available cover your assignment, to meet your individual needs
  • The most cost effective means to suit your requirements and budget without compromising on the quality of service that we are offering you
  • A professional attitude and approach by our company coupled with a personal service, never forgetting that your assignment is of paramount importance to our company at all times
  • A high-level customer care plan with regular contact between your representative and our management to discuss your assignment
  • Your assignment will be managed with the utmost confidentiality at all times
  • After your initial enquiry and our subsequent inspection of your assignment, a comprehensive written quote will be sent to you within 48 hours
  • An exclusive guarantee to inform you of any conflict of interests where our company has been approached to carry out work on behalf of the potential clients with the same business interests as yourselves


  • We will not let you down
  • What we say we will do, We Do
  • We place value on long-term relations with our customers
  • We will not tie you down to a complicated, one sided contract
  • We will not sub - contract your assignment out to other security companies
  • We will not make promises that we cannot keep
  • Your assignment will be covered by fully trained, experienced and professional operatives
  • We are on your side
  • When you need to speak to our management team, they are approachable, helpful and available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • We are totally committed to giving you a quality and a first class professional service, without compromising upon you or your company.
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