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Bengaluru formerly Bangalore, the undisputed IT capital of India, has witnessed a spate of crimes which could have been avoided through foolproof security measures. Recent reports have placed Bengaluru at an unenviable position of No.2 in crime rate in the nation. Of the nature of crimes that were reported, a significant portion was that of crimes for gain and vandalism. The level of such crimes as per a citizen-based reporting index has been recorded as “Moderate to High”. Inadequate police strength is also one of the reasons for increased crime rates. Many firms that need to protect their assets utilise private best security service in Bangalore and it has helped to prevent loss of material, apart from prevention of damage to property and safeguarding human lives.

Tips to choose suitable agencies to protect assets

With a large number of providers of security service in Bangalore, it may often become difficult to choose the right agency. A broad set of criteria will help to narrow down the choice of security agencies to ensure that best services are availed. A security service agency should ideally be chosen after taking into consideration the following parameters :-

  • ISO certification
  • Number of years in operation
  • Portfolio of services
  • Adverse remarks
  • Technology and equipment used by agency
  • Quality of security personnel deployed
  • Level of training
  • Nature of supervised operations

How Eagle Security Service India differs

At Eagle Security Service India, the approach to a client’s requirements is different and proven as effective. The nature of operations or business of the client, the number of staff, the level of public interaction and the risk factors are first assessed and a suitable deployment is proposed to the client.

The deployment of resources and supervision is managed by a dedicated and well managed team. Many firms and individuals have chosen ESS for best security service in Bangalore due to very high levels of professionalism and expertise in offering such services.

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